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NOTE: While this site will not be used to promote any political candidate or party, we will not ignore the potential dangers of political changes in our nation and will issue warnings and commentary as it seems critical.

The Spirit of the Antichrist

The prophets Daniel (605 BC) and Ezekiel (590)were two major prophets who wrote of things to come prior to the return of Christ to Earth. Both prophets predicted the coming of one called the Antichrist who will attempt to annihilate Christ followers through persecution, torture and death in the closing days of the Church on Earth. It is evident from the Scriptures that the spirit of Antichrist has been active since the early days of the Church. In 1 John 4:3, John speaks of many anti-christs” who typify the “spirit of the anti-christ” that was both present in the first century (“is in the world already” 1 John 4:3) and continues to exist down to this day. Although we have not seen nor heard the announcement of his official appearance and reign, it is evident that the spirit and influence of the Antichrist is active in our nation and around the world.

It’s not difficult to recognize the Antichrist influence on the international scene where Jihadists arrest, torture and execute Christians, or where Communist regimes such as China or now, Russia, arrest church leaders for expressing their faith outside their church buildings. However, far too few people recognize this same force at work in our nation, where Christians are bankrupted for expressing their faith in public life. Examples of this are: churches are being cited by municipalities for posting directional signs on or near public street right of ways; Christians are being sued and bankrupted for refusing to violate their faith by providing a cake for a gay wedding..(gone are the days of “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”); Pastors are being sued and prosecuted for refusing to perform weddings for gay couples..(Proctor, VT — A pastor at the Christian Proctor Church in Vermont, has been sentenced to one year in federal prison after refusing to marry gay couples. AP)

What’s to Come

At this writing, we are just five weeks away from what is likely the most life-changing election in our nation’s history. If we vote by political party platform, the choice for Christians could not be clearer. One party promotes more funding for abortion providers, more support and government enforcement for Same-Sex Marriage; opposition to private gun ownership; more restrictions on, and control of, Christian organizations, and more government control of our everyday lives. The other party platform supports the traditional family, is pro-life, supports the protection of religious liberty, and support for the Second Amendment.

Let me close this article by stating emphatically that the Antichrist spirit will not prevail over the True Church of Christ. We know, according to Revelation 20 that the antichrist will be cast, with the devil into outer darkness, and Christ and His Church will reign victoriously for eternity. But, as the end days draw near, how do we prepare ourselves for the difficult times ahead? If the “Progressive” anti-Christian leaders return to the White House, we can expect greater persecution of the Church; probable loss of the tax-exempt status for churches and confiscation of church properties; sky-high taxes, higher medical costs and greater loss of religious freedoms.

Pray Like Never Before

Pray like never before: for wisdom, for physical healing and strength, emotional and financial protection.
Forgive anyone who has offended or hurt you. Unforgiveness will block answered prayer
Tithe and give like never before….Malachi 3:10-12; Luke 6:38
Get out of debt; Have nothing mortgaged that the government can seize through repossession.
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