Why This Site Exists

I developed this closed site for the purpose of sharing and exchanging encouragement, challenges and prayer with and for fellow-Christ-followers around our world that’s growing darker every day. We now live in a world society that has lost its way; that has largely forsaken God, and either denies or ignores His Word; where insanity, hypocrisy and immorality rule; where life is cheap, truth is mocked, and doctrines of devils are bombarding our souls in a desperate attempt to deceive, delude and destroy. I believe there’s never been a more critical time for “iron to sharpen iron” and for Christ-followers to band together in prayer, encouragement and accountability than right now.

At this posting, we are one month away from what is likely the most dangerous and life-changing presidential election in our nation’s history. It is my personal opinion that America has crossed the line of no return with the passing and approval of same-sex marriage and the ongoing slaughter of more than 60 million babies. It is evident that those who rule our nation from political and bureaucratic towers will stop at nothing to rewrite our constitution and to stay their course of a one-world government, fulfilling the Word of God that they mock and deny.

On November 8 of this year, we will either see a temporary slowing of America’s demise, or we will witness a tremendous escalation of degradation, immorality, deceit, violence and persecution of the Church.

At the moment, and in the natural, our future may look bleak and foreboding, but we don’t live entirely in the natural. We are spirit-beings traveling through a natural world. And, while our world may be spinning, irrecoverably, out of our control, our Father, our God Almighty has it all under His jurisdiction and He will prevail! So, in the midst of the chaos, insanity, deception and depravity, KEEP LOOKING DOWN my friends, because we are “seated with Christ in heavenly places,,,,far above all principalities and powers.” (Eph 1 and 2)

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